Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here we go

 One of my favorite parts of the rehearsal process is the research that goes into creating a character and discovering the world of the play. I want to use this blog to write about the research sources I've found and to get feedback and ideas from anyone who may have information, i.e favorite books or films pertaining to the subject at hand, personal experiences, or other resources they wish to share. Also, if anyone is working on a project of his or her own and looking for help in research, please let me know or post the question for others. 

Hope that doesn't sound boring. 

I'm also looking forward to using this blog as a diary of my own rehearsal process. I've never written it down before.  I think  I'm just getting to a place now as an actor where I have a language I can communicate to others about what I do and how. I hope knowing others may read it will challenge me to simplify and clarify my work. I will only write about what I am doing unless another actor or director gives express permission for me to discuss what is going on in rehearsal. Otherwise, when I mention other people, it will only be about a great performance and/or production I feel should not be missed. 


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