Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Start of Rehearsal

Yesterday was the second day of rehearsal for Lord Oxford Brings You The Second American Revolution, Live! being the necessary and appropriate response to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's suppression of the freedoms and dignity of the European-American settlers and their descendants in the Royal Eastern American Colonies and the inordinate conferring of special favours and privileges on the merciless Indian savages and the former Negro slaves, in the year Two Thousand and Eight. 

Yes, that is the title. 

Once, in a fit of ambition, I went to a "seminar" with an agent who asked us to look at our resume and think about the person reading it and what impression they would have of us and our work. Skimming some of the play titles Tupperware Orgy, O, Holy Night MotherFucker, An Evening With Molly Hadafew, Temptation, O Mr. Cadhole!, I thought, "Well, a person may think I'm an insane pervert and that could be a hindrance to booking a commercial." Industry Schmindustry.

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